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  • Stainless Steel Cable Mesh: A Flexible and Durable Solution
  • Stainless Steel Cable Mesh: A Flexible and Durable Solution
  • Stainless Steel Cable Mesh: A Flexible and Durable Solution
  • Stainless Steel Cable Mesh: A Flexible and Durable Solution
Stainless Steel Cable Mesh: A Flexible and Durable Solution Stainless Steel Cable Mesh: A Flexible and Durable Solution Stainless Steel Cable Mesh: A Flexible and Durable Solution Stainless Steel Cable Mesh: A Flexible and Durable Solution

Stainless Steel Cable Mesh: A Flexible and Durable Solution

  • Product No.:202417132048
  • Price:1.2$-48.99$ per m2
  • Hs Code:7314140000
  • Materials:AISI 304 AISI 316
  • Finish:Vinyl coated or black oxide
  • Mesh Apeture:12.7mm to 200mm
  • MOQ:50m2
  • Guarantee:30 years
  • Shipping Time:TNT or DHL
  • Production Capacity:1000m2 per week
  • Wire Strands:7x7 and 7x19
  • Weave types:ferruled or inter-woven
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​BMP presents an innovative solution with its Stainless Steel Cable Mesh, available in two distinct types: handwoven and ferrule. In this article, we'll delve into the characteristics, applications, and remarkable benefits 

BMP offers two types of Stainless Steel Cable Mesh: Ferrule Rope Mesh and Knotted Wire Rope Mesh. Let's explore these two options in simpler terms:

  1. Ferrule Rope Mesh:
    • What Is It: Ferrule Rope Mesh is like a strong net made of stainless steel wires.

    • How It's Made: The wires are held together by tiny metal sleeves called ferrules, which are also made of stainless steel.

    • Advantages: It's flexible, durable, and can be used for various purposes.

    • Common Uses: You'll often find it in zoo enclosures, architectural designs, and safety nets.

    • Benefits: Ferrule Rope Mesh is sleek and versatile, offering a modern and safe solution.

  2. Knotted Wire Rope Mesh:
    • What Is It: Knotted Wire Rope Mesh is another kind of stainless steel net.

    • How It's Made: The wires are woven together with knots at each intersection point.

    • Advantages: It's strong, reliable, and suitable for demanding applications.

    • Common Uses: This type is commonly used in zoo enclosures and safety installations.

    • Benefits: Knotted Wire Rope Mesh provides a robust and secure barrier.

Both types of Stainless Steel Cable Mesh are excellent choices, depending on your specific needs. Ferrule Rope Mesh offers a sleek and modern look, while Knotted Wire Rope Mesh provides maximum strength and reliability.

Flexible stainless steel wire mesh

Stainless steel wire rope netting


Specification Details
Material Stainless Steel Wire (304/316/316L)
Wire Diameter of the Mesh 1.0mm - 4.0mm
Wire Structure 7x7 and 7x19
Mesh Size Opening Width (OW): 20mm - 120mm, Opening Height (OH): 20mm - 120mm
Material Options Stainless Steel 304, 316, 316L
Types of Stainless Steel Wire Rope Mesh Handwoven Mesh and Ferrule Mesh
Angle 60-90 degrees
Color Silver, Black
Flexible Design Can create plane surfaces or tensioned into three-dimensional forms
Applications Bird enclosures, zoo enclosures, building structures, bridge protection, and more
Advantages Flexibility, tensile strength, customization, durability, eco-friendly

Key Features of BMP's Stainless Steel Cable Mesh:

  1. Two Types to Choose From: BMP offers both handwoven and ferrule stainless steel cable mesh, providing options to suit different project requirements.

  2. Material Variety: Choose from stainless steel materials such as 304, 316, and 316L, ensuring corrosion resistance and durability.

  3. Wire Diameter: Available in wire diameters ranging from 1mm to 4mm, allowing flexibility in design.

  4. Mesh Size: Customize your mesh size, with openings from 20x20mm to 300x300mm, catering to specific needs.

  5. Angle Options: choose angles between 60 degrees and 90 degrees, ensuring versatility in applications.

  6. Color Choices: Choose between silver and black finishes to complement your design.

  7. Flexible Design: This cable mesh can be used to create plane surfaces or tensioned into three-dimensional forms, accommodating various shapes and sizes.

Applications of Stainless Steel Cable Mesh:

  • Zoo Mesh: Protect visitors while allowing them to observe animals up close safely, thanks to diamond-shaped openings with high strength.

  • Aviary Netting: Customize mesh size to provide birds with a natural and comfortable living environment.

  • Green Wall Mesh: Utilize corrosion-resistant mesh to create green walls, regulating building temperatures and protecting walls.

  • Decoration Mesh: Add aesthetic appeal to buildings with diamond-shaped holes, suitable for ceilings and curtain walls.

  • Balustrade Mesh: Enhance the safety and beauty of stair and balcony balustrades with stainless steel rope mesh.

  • Deck Mesh: Ensure the safety of helicopters and passengers with helideck mesh installations.

  • Suspension Bridge Railing Protection: Increase the safety of suspension bridges and pedestrians with stainless steel cable mesh.

Stainless steel cable mesh with frames


Stainless steel woven rope mesh

Advantages of Stainless Steel Cable Mesh:

  • Flexibility: Design versatility for various applications.

  • Tensile Strength: High load capacity, allowing creative ideas over large distances.

  • Customization: Tailored to meet specific project requirements, from rope diameter to mesh size.

  • Durability: Stainless steel's resistance to corrosion, rust, and minimal maintenance requirements.

  • Eco-Friendly: 100% recyclable and retains its properties through recycling.

Stainless steel ferrule mesh


BMP's Stainless Steel Cable Mesh offers a flexible, durable, and versatile solution for a wide range of applications, from zoo enclosures to building structures and beyond. Choose BMP for your cable mesh needs and benefit from a material that combines safety, aesthetics, and environmental sustainability.