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  • Aviary Wire Mesh for Large Birds – Zoos and Pet Owners
Aviary Wire Mesh for Large Birds – Zoos and Pet Owners

Aviary Wire Mesh for Large Birds – Zoos and Pet Owners

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  • Price:2.98$ to 33.33$ per m2
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Birds like Galahs, Corellas, and African Greys bring life to any zoo or home. Ensuring they have a comfortable and safe living space is vital. Our aviary wire mesh for large birds is the ideal solution for building robust and secure bird houses.

Superb parrot living in a welded wire mesh enclosure, safe and comfortable.
AMLB-1: Superb parrot enjoy its time in its aviary.
Welded wire mesh with 10 m per roll.
AMLB-2: Welded wire mesh is the frequent alternative of zoo mesh for birds.

Benefits of Our Aviary Wire Mesh

  1. Long-Lasting Durability: Made from heavy gauge welded wire, our mesh is galvanized after manufacturing, resisting damage and extending service life.

  2. Protective Against Corrosion: The thick protective layer reduces corrosion from bird waste, maintaining the mesh's integrity over time.

  3. Safety for Birds: The mesh design keeps your birds safe from external threats, providing a secure environment for them to thrive.

  4. Easy Cleaning and Maintenance: The steel structure of our mesh simplifies cleaning and disinfection, ensuring a hygienic habitat for your birds.

  5. Customizable Sizes: We offer special sizes besides standard dimensions, allowing for tailored solutions to fit any enclosure requirement.

Applications of Aviary Wire Mesh

  • Zoo Enclosures: Perfect for creating visually engaging and secure exhibits for large birds in zoos.

  • Home Pet Bird Enclosures: Ideal for bird enthusiasts who want to provide a spacious and protected environment for their large pet birds.

  • Specialized Bird Houses: Our mesh can be used to build customized bird houses, catering to the specific needs of different bird species.

Key Specifications aviary wire mesh

We provide a range of specifications to suit various needs:

  • Wire Diameter: Ranging from 1.47 to 2.5 mm.
  • Aperture: Available in 19 × 19 mm and 25 × 25 mm sizes.
  • Height and Length: Various options from 914 mm to 1220 mm in height and 5 m to 20 m in length.
  • Finishes: Choose from galvanized or PVC coated options.
  •  aviary wire mesh Colors: Available in black, white, and green (for PVC coated meshes).
Item No. Wire Diameter (mm) Aperture (mm/inch) Height (mm/inch) Length (m/ft)
LM3616 1.47 19 × 19 / 3/4 × 3/4 914 / 36 5 / 16
LM3633 1.47 19 × 19 / 3/4 × 3/4 914 / 36 10 / 33
LM4833 1.60 19 × 19 / 3/4 × 3/4 1220 / 48 10 / 33
LM4850 1.60 19 × 19 / 3/4 × 3/4 1220 / 48 15 / 50
LM3666 2.5 25 × 25 / 1 × 1 914 / 36 20 / 66
Aviary mesh for Galah is a kind of galvanized wire mesh with 1 * 1 inch aperture.
AMLB-3: Galah is a frequent guest for zoos. Its fantastic appearance never let fail to satisfy visitors.
A bird is standing on a tree in rope mesh cage. Beside the cage, visitors are looking the birds.
AMLB-4: Stainless Steel Wire Rope mesh is used for large birds.
Black painting welded mesh with metal frame as large bird house and green plant is on the mesh.
AMLB-5: Black painting welded mesh as large bird cage.


The right aviary wire mesh is essential for the well-being and safety of large birds, whether in a zoo or a home setting. Our range of aviary wire mesh offers the durability, safety, and versatility needed to create the perfect habitat for these magnificent creatures.