Flexible Stainless Steel Cable Mesh for Australian Zoos

 When it comes to housing and protecting wildlife, the right materials can make all the difference. For a zoo manager in Australia, finding the perfect mesh for an aviary was crucial. The mesh needed to be robust to contain the animals but gentle enough not to harm delicate birds. That's where flexible stainless steel cable mesh comes in.

What is Flexible Stainless Steel Cable Mesh?

Flexible stainless steel cable mesh is a network of interwoven stainless steel cables. It is hand-woven, ensuring high-quality construction without any sharp welds or joining points. This design means that animals and birds come into contact with a smooth surface, reducing the risk of injury.

A piece of hand woven stainless steel rope mesh on the gray background.
Hand woven stainless steel rope mesh is strong but soft for birds.

Several rolls of stainless steel rope mesh on the ground.
Stainless steel rope mesh is commonly supplied in rolls.

A wooden case on the ground.
Stainless steel rope mesh is commonly packed by the wooden case.

Benefits of Using Stainless Steel Cable Mesh in Zoos

  • Strength and Durability: Crafted from high-grade stainless steel, this mesh withstands the test of time, resisting rust and corrosion.
  • Safety for Animals: With no sharp edges or harsh points, the mesh is as safe as it is strong, ensuring that animals are not injured.
  • Flexibility: The mesh's flexible nature allows for easy installation over complex structures, providing natural space for birds and animals.
  • Visibility: Its construction ensures clear views into the enclosures, allowing visitors to observe the animals without obstruction.

Customized to Your Needs

Understanding the unique requirements of each zoo, the mesh comes in various specifications. For our Australian zoo manager, we recommended a mesh made from SS 316L, a premium stainless steel known for its superior corrosion resistance. The mesh featured a wire diameter of 1.4 mm and an aperture of 20 mm × 34.6 mm, measured to a dimension of 30 m in length and 4 m in height, with a total quantity of 300 m2.

Stainless steel rope mesh is installed on the roof of the zoo and several stone in it.
Stainless steel rope mesh can provide enough natural space for birds.
Stainless steel rope mesh is covering the roof of the glass house, with several artificial hill in it.
Stainless steel rope mesh can prevent birds from flying out of the house.

Applications Beyond Aviaries

While aviaries are a common application, the stainless steel cable mesh is also perfect for:

  • Animal Enclosures: Providing a secure and unobtrusive barrier for a range of animal habitats.
  • Safety Barriers: Protecting visitors while maintaining an open and inviting atmosphere.
  • Architectural Features: Adding aesthetic appeal to zoo structures without compromising functionality.

Ensuring Quality in Delivery

We understand that the quality of delivery is just as important as the product itself. That's why our stainless steel cable mesh is typically supplied in rolls and carefully packed in wooden cases to ensure it arrives in pristine condition.


For zoos and wildlife sanctuaries, the flexible stainless steel cable mesh is a clear choice for ensuring the safety and well-being of animals, as well as the viewing pleasure of visitors. If you're looking to enhance your Australian zoo with this exceptional product, reach out to us for a tailored solution that meets your exact needs.

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